Many of the vehicle data logs were uploaded by ASE certified technicians.  What we consider as known good, is a vehicle with no active or pending codes, a smooth idle, and no complaints about engine performance or fuel economy.

Although we don't have control over what users upload, each data log page has attatched commenting and a voting system under each graph.  If the datalog recieves too many down votes, it will be deleted from our database and the user will get flagged. If you don't know the condition, just mark it as unknown.

As of right now, idle and cruise at 60 mph, with the vehicle at operating temperature.  In order for your data log to be accepted by Pidfusion, the vehicle must be able to reach at least 175 degrees farenheit, air conditioning and defrost off, at least 3 minutes in park or neutral, and cruise between 59-61 mph for at least 4 minutes. (preferably on a stretch of fairly flat and level road.)

Since the data is slow to update, we find the steady state data that is captured only if certain criteria remains constant for a certain amount of time. There is always a chance that communication during data logging may dropout with either the dongle, mobile device, or the vehicle itself.  Since this is a user created database, the commenting and voting should help us weed out bad data.  

Our development team has access to a variety of gasoline powered vehicles. If you would like to see other engines that are not supported, please contact us.  We will need a few OBDII datalogs with all supported pids logged to develop it.

For now, BlueDriver, Torque Pro, OBD Fusion, and DashCommand.

It depends on if your scan tool can record live data and export it as a csv file.  Are goal is to make Pidfusion compatible with any OBDII scan toolp that lets it's users share their data logs in an open source format such as a .csv file.  

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